Prohibited Items | BGC Malibu Chili Cook Off


Please read about our Zero Tolerance Policy and items you can and cannot bring into the festival. Looking to reserve a locker? See below!

Zero Tolerance Policy

We are SO excited to welcome the community back for another year at the 41st Annual Malibu Chili Cook-Off, taking place Sept 1-4, 2023. As always, safety is our number one priority. Please take notice of the following important information in regards to the standards and expectations of this Event for which all attendees, vendors/partners, staff and volunteers will be held to.

As a Malibu tradition, this event is sure to be filled with fun, family-friendly activities, carnival rides, music, delicious chili, diverse food and drink, and a good time! However, in the interest of YOUR well-being, safety, and the safety of our beloved community, there is no space for the following: items deemed prohibited by event staff, threats, verbal abuse, violence, substance abuse, underage drinking, drug use, mistreatment or disrespect of staff or other attendees. This is a ZERO TOLERANCE event. Failure to follow Event rules and guidelines may result in removal from the event grounds. We can and will exercise the right to refuse entry and or remove anyone from the venue for any reason, including, but not limited to the aforementioned reasons. 

In the event of an incident, the perpetrator will be removed from the event immediately. Upon which further examination into said incident may result in additional consequences for anyone involved. We reserve the right to revoke event entry/admittance at any time to any person for any reason. Which may prohibit or forbid future entry into the Event.

Confiscated items will NOT be returned. Items NOT allowed into the venue include but are not limited to: drugs/vapes, alcohol, or weapons of any kind, regardless if you have a concealed weapons permit (CCW). The Chili Cook-off is a smoke-free, drug-free, vape-free and Paparazzi-free zone! Attendees are responsible for reviewing the prohibited items (items which are NOT allowed into the venue). Items that are confiscated by security will not be returned. No refunds will be permitted for any reason. No re-entry is permitted. Penalties for not abiding by law, Event rules and the Zero Tolerance Policy include but are not limited to: removal from venue, on-site arrest and a fine of up to $10,000.


*Confiscated items will not be returned
NO Aerosol Products/Aerosol Cans
NO Alcohol
NO Aluminum Cans
NO Air Horns/Noisemakers
NO Audio Recording Devices
NO Bags/Backpacks larger than 14×14
NO Bikes
NO Bottles (glass)
NO Cameras or video cameras (non-pro, no detachable lenses, no disposable or polaroid cameras)
NO Chains/Chain Wallets
NO Chairs/Folding Chairs
NO Coolers
NO Drones, Remote Control Aircraft/Toys/Cars
NO Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia
NO Cigarettes
NO e-Cigs/Vapes
NO Comfort Pets
NO Emotional service animals
NO Fireworks/Explosives/Road Flares
NO Flags
NO Flyers/Sampling/Giveaways
NO Glow Sticks/LED Gloves
NO Guns/Ammunition/Tasers (regardless of CCW status or concealed carry permit)
NO Hoverboards
NO Hula Hoops
NO Ins & Outs
NO Instruments
NO Kites/Sky Lanterns
NO Knives/Weapons/Sharp Objects
NO Laser Pointers
NO Lighters
NO Mace/Pepper Spray
NO Outside Food or Beverage
NO Pets/Animals (unless ADA approved)
NO Professional Autograph Items
NO Professional Filming/Photography
NO Promotional Items
NO Scooters/Segways
NO Sealed Cigarettes/Lighters
NO Selfie Sticks/Tripods
NO Sharpies/Markers/Paint Pens
NO Squirt Guns/Toy Guns/Sling Shots
NO Stuffed Animals
NO Tasers
NO Totems
NO Umbrellas


YES Baby Strollers
YES Blankets/Towels
YES Camelbaks (empty)
YES Cell Phones/Chargers
YES Chapstick/Lip Balm
YES Camera (non-pro, no detachable lenses, no disposable or polaroid cameras)
YES Ear Plugs
YES Eye Drops (subject to testing)
YES Fanny Packs/Hip Bags
YES Hats
YES Makeup
YES Parasols
YES Purses/Handbags (cannot be larger than 14×14)
YES Skateboards
YES Sun Block (non-aerosol)
YES Sunglasses
YES Water Bottles (empty reusable)
YES Certified service dogs


  • Malibu Chili Cook-Off is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry at any time.
  • All bags and persons entering the Malibu Chili Cook Off venue is subject to search. Bags larger than 14”x14”, i.e. backpacks, suitcases, beach bags, etc. will be prohibited from entry into the venue. (Diaper bags are OK).
  • Guests may not bring any food or beverages into the venue. Factory sealed non-alcoholic beverages are allowed. Food or beverages deemed necessary due to a special dietary need, religious requirement or medical condition may be approved in advance by the Guest Services Department. Guests must dispose of unauthorized items prior to entrance into the venue or return items to their vehicles. Guest Services will not check-in any food or beverage items.
  • Large posters and banners must be inspected by security before being allowed into the venue. Malibu Chili Cook-off reserves the right to refuse admission of signage. Sticks or poles to hold flags/banners are not permitted.
  • Guests must wear shirts and shoes. No bare feet allowed.

The Chili Cook-off is a smoke-free, vape-free and Paparazzi-free zone!