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New & exciting carnival rides for the whole family!

Carnival tickets are sold separately from event admission tickets. Event admission tickets are REQUIRED for entry.

Carnival ride passes/tickets and game credits are sold separately from Event Admission. Please click below to purchase carnival ride passes. To purchase Event admission tickets, which are required for entry into the Event venue, please visit our tickets page.

Where can I buy carnival ride tickets?
Passes/tickets - what's the difference?

YES! Please note: Event admission tickets are required for entry into the venue. Learn more here. You may also choose to purchase carnival tickets and/or game credits to be redeemed in the carnival using Magic Money. Purchase carnival ride tickets/passes ahead of time by using online presale website, click here
● Unlimited All Ride Wristband = $50 presale
● WOW Express Upgrade (Fast Pass) $25 presale
● Carnival Individual Credits = $1/credit for rides and games

Are carnival ride presale tickets available?

Yes! You may choose to purchase carnival ride tickets and/or game credits to be redeemed in the carnival, by visiting online presale website, click here OR you can purchase them on-site. Please note: Event admission tickets are required for entry into the venue. Learn more here.

What are the carnival ride hours?

The carnival rides operate in alignment with the Event venue. Hours are below. INSIDE TIP: Plan ahead and head to the festival early! If you’re planning to partake in carnival rides and games, the busiest times are Friday and Saturday between 6-9pm. The truth is, during these peak hours, there are significant wait times for carnival rides, games, and even Event admission. ***All carnival rides/games operations have a hard cut off at [9:45pm Fri-Sun & 7:45pm Mon] Carnival wristbands/credits will NOT be sold after [8:00pm Fri-Sun & 6:00pm Mon].***

Event Hours:
Friday, Sept 1st 4p-10p
Saturday, Sept 2nd 1p-10p
Sunday, Sept 3rd 1p-10p
Monday, Sept 4th 1p-8p

*Event entry may be limited due to venue capacity; all hours are subject to change.

How can I request a carnival ride refund?

There are NO refunds, under any circumstances on carnival or event admission. However, you may submit a carnival request to [email protected]. For non-carnival related event questions, email [email protected]

What carnival rides will be at the event?

A carnival ride list is not yet available for this event, please check back.

How many credits does each ride/game cost?

Rides and games vary in the amount of credits needed. Please see posted ride signage on-site.

What are the carnival ride rules?

Please treat carnival staff/rides with respect. The Event has a zero tolerance policy related to verbal abuse, uncooperative or violent behavior. Event/carnival staff have the right to refuse service or revoke your tickets at any time for any reason. To review the ride safety rules, click here.

Can I buy carnival ride tickets on-site?

Carnival passes/tickets are sold separately from event admission and CAN be purchased online in advance OR on-site. Event admission tickets ARE REQUIRED FOR ENTRY & ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE, they will NOT be sold on-site. Learn more and buy here.

Where can I redeem pre-sale carnival ride tickets?

If you bought presale tickets online, visit the Magic Money Digital Ticket kiosks on-site and show your voucher barcode. The machine will print out your wristband(s).

What is Magic Money and how does it work?

Magic Money is a digital ticket system that prints a wristband with a barcode, you will load with digital credits (via cash or credit card). Magic money is required for carnival rides and games, but can also be used on-site to purchase food at select locations, within the carnival area.

What if my carnival ride wristband isn't working?

If your wristband isn’t working, please seek assistance from one of the Magic Money kiosk representatives on-site.

What are height req's for carnival rides?

Please see age/height requirements for all rides here.

Do children need carnival ride tickets ride?

Yes, all riders, regardless of age need tickets to ride.

Do ride wristbands + ride credits rollover?

Carnival single-day unlimited all ride wristbands are day passes and do NOT rollover. Carnival credits DO rollover from day to day until the carnival ends on Monday, Sept 5. Please note: Event admission tickets are required for entry and are only available for purchase online, click here. Event admission tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable, and do NOT rollover.